what is happiness?

What is happiness?, happiness is a feeling from the heart,happiness comes sometimes Happiness comes for a short time but goes away leaving behind memories,

There are many types of happiness,Happiness is found on the thinking of man,1)Somebody gets happiness from money,2)someone is happy with love,3)someone  finds happiness in sacrifice,4)Some people find happiness by working hard

Happiness is a feeling out of the heart,that no one can buy with money.

1) Somebody gets happiness from money,    money is everything for some people,  Their job is to collect wealth, they do not see anything in the face of wealth, they have not done anything for humanity.   they will be happy if they get the money,


2) Some one is happy with love,

Love is a natural gift, no one does love, it happens,Kids’ love for mom is life,Happiness for a boy is a happy life for a girl friend,The happiness that is in love is not in anything in the world,First of all, the happiness of his daughter for the father, the father tries to see the daughter’s laughter.

3)Some finds happiness in sacrifice,

Love means sacrifice, Kids happiness for mother First of all, Mother can forget her husband for herself sometimes,No one else endures life as much as a mother faces for her kids.Sometimes the lover leaves his love for the happiness of his love and stays,Father sells himself for the pleasure of his daughter(ex-me)

4)Some people find happiness by wording hard,

Some people consider work as their life,Some people keep working day and night to forget their sorrow.Some keep working to achieve their destination, some keep working so hungry for wealth.It is good to work but you are not able to give time to others to work 24 hours, everyone gets angry.But some people get so involved in work, they do not even feel hungry, for them work is love.

Work is mentally and physically,Work gives us happiness and gives us some income to run our family.We also have to keep our family happy with work.,

Today we do not have any work, not even income, slowly we can see the happiness of our family going away,Before covid I had a happy family, after covid I see my family getting ruined, what can I do?It’s not about my family, this is the solution for the maximum family of the world, maybe God wants the same

Thank you

My all wordpress friends


Pankaj Kumar Nayak

Today problem,

Good morning my all wordpress friends,

We always have to face the problem which we never thought, I am not talking about everyone, what blog should I write,

Life has happened, a person does not like to see a person, a person yearns to eat for a time, man has forgotten education.Human life style is slowly deteriorating,The danger signal of global blowing is increasing slowly, is the world going to end?

If you keep going, then the person will bite the person.Man is now more dangerous than animal,And now humanity is over,

Sorry friends, I don’t have time yet, I have to make arrangements for today’s food, otherwise I will have to be hungry, ok bye friends

Maintally dipretion

I have been absent for a long time because I am in mental depression.Your body does not hurt as much as it hurts, your heart hurts more than it does.I used to see the blog posts of my friends every day, but what should I do, I did not write any post.I used to send good morning to everyone every day, but if I am not good today, then why I  send good morning to everyone?sorry friends i am not able to send good morning to all of you,Life always looks like a game, which you would never have imagined in life, you have to see the day too,Whoever you trust the most, this man gives you more trouble,How do people change so quickly?I used to ask every day the answers of my questions from my heart,Did not get any answer,sometimes my heart used to die,But I will not be able to die because if I die, then 5 more people will die with me.I believe in God, God will help us,This is the main fact I did not write my post, but I used to miss everyone all the time, and will continue to do so.

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